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UniverSoul Circus has been performing in Cincinnati since 1999 and is opposed to the ordinance being voted on Thursday, May 30th at 1:30pm and sponsored by Councilmember Chris Seelbach to ban animals performing in the circus.  Please ask your family, friends and organizations to contact the Mayor and Councilmembers and let them know you are opposed to the ban and encourage them to Vote No.


The ordinance, as it is written, will be used to prohibit domesticated camels and zebras from performing in Cincinnati.


UniverSoul Circus animal acts have top tier caretakers and trainers, are regularly examined by several independent licensed veterinarians, seen by multiple animal health & welfare inspectors, meet the requirements of dozens of city, county and state agencies across the country, and are properly licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


While we disagree with the position taken by those who are against animals performing in circuses, we understand and respect the sincerity of those who share that view. Indeed, the ability to disagree on matters of public importance is part of what makes this country the great nation it is.  However, we argue the overwhelming majority of people agree with UniverSoul Circus in that animals should be treated humanely whether they are performers, pets, or service animals.


The UniverSoul Circus has presented a global mix of performers to families across the country for more than 25 years and has been a regular part the Queen City arts and culture community since 1999.  The people of Cincinnati have entrusted us as a major family attraction over the years because we have demonstrated a strong commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable family entertainment experience that continues to amaze and improve each year.


Keep UniverSoul Circus Coming To Cincinnati.

Contact your local officials below:


Mayor Cranley - 513-352-3250,

All Council Members -

Christopher Smitherman - 513-352-3464,


Tamaya Dennard - 513-352-5205,

Greg Landsman - 513-352-5232,

David Mann - 513-352-4611,

Amy Murray - 513-352-3640,

Jeff Pastor - 513-352-5243,

Chris Seelbach - 513-352-5210,

P.G. Sittenfeld - 513-352-5280,

Wendell Young - 513-352-3466,





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